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AGM The following reports have been prepared for presentation at the 2020 AGM of the Association, delayed due the the coronavirus:

2019 AGM minutes
Chairman's message for 2020 AGM (postponed)
Secretary's report to 2020 AGM (postponed)
Treasurer's report to 2020 AGM (postponed)
Accounts for 2020 AGM
Programme Organiser's report to 2020 AGM (postponed)
Message from the new chairman to 2020 AGM (postponed)

Subscription rates are reviewed at each AGM for the year ahead - no changes are proposed.


No new nominations have been received.

Sue Corlett feels the time is right for her to step down from committee. We thank her for her work over the years, on committee and in organising outings. She hopes to continue the latter role, so we look forward to many more successful events from her!

Ralph White is retiring from the Chair - he has done great work for us, often behind the scenes, and we will miss his leadership and sense of humour.

David Morgan has agreed to step up to the post of Chairman, supported by the whole committee, subject to formal approval at a General Meeting of our association. Our future looks good!

So, the committee is now as follows:

David Morgan, Chairman
Rose Wheat, Vice-chairman
Huw Davies, Treasurer
Richard Adams, Secretary
Marion Lycett, Programme Co-ordinator
John Spriggs, Newsletter and Website
Roger Cartlidge
Cynthia Dumbelton
Jane Mayer
Sue Till
Ralph White
Bob Winter

Any other business?

Pease contact the Secretary, Richard Adams, by email or on 01782 637183 with any questions or comments.


Below is a list of useful documents for event organisers or others as required. They are available in both Word and Adobe PDF format. The PDF format is simpler to view and print but cannot be edited, so use if you want to print off forms and fill in by hand. The Word documents can be edited with a compatible word processor, which means common information can be added in before printing to save having to manually enter on each individual form.

~~~~~~ Document ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ Format ~~~~~~
Check list for outings Word PDF
Event Report request Word PDF
NT coach outings form Word PDF
NT car outings form Word PDF
Risk assessment form Word PDF
Incident Report form Word PDF